Ahead of this session, please take note of the wonderful video contribution, that were submitted for the submitted for our OWH Sustainability Youth Forum!!

With the support of the International Association of World Heritage Professionals e.V., the Technical University of Munich in Germany, and Centro Educativo Surval in Mexico, we organized a dynamic session based on FLACAM’s precepts of educational training: Attitude, Competence and Skills. These precepts aim to inspire the youth to develop sustainable and innovative approaches towards our world heritage #OurSustainableHeritage. 
The new generations will certainly face new challenges in terms of environment, climate change, conflict, globalisation and many more, that will affect the way we live. What is their perception on sustainability and heritage? What would be the role of our natural, built and intangible heritage in the future? Who will protect it and how? What are the concerns and fears of the youth about the future? Moreover, what are their ideas and recommendations to make this future more liveable and hopeful?

We launched a call for videos with the intention not only of putting them together to distribute in our social networks, but to have them as a basis to select the young speakers of our event. We have selected the most inspiring speakers to raise the voice of the youth!

The forum will also be the space to show the results of the Youth Survey on Sustainability Perceptions, launched in early 2021 by OWH-Sustainability and responded by hundreds of young people! In addition, it will link to the Youth activities of the OWH thematic axes on Climate Change & Biodiversity and Heritage Places & Memory.

Pamela Durán Díaz

Pamela Durán Díaz and Mueed Ahmed

Patricia Alberth, IAHP Germany
Elena Sofia Stein, UNICEF Germany
Roman Sidig, UNICEF Germany
Gloria Caballero Collado, Surval Mexico
Sofía García, Surval Mexico
Makky Montalvo, Surval Mexico
Adolfo Boeta, Surval Mexico
Veronica Becker, TUM Germany
Prathiba Devadas, TUM India
Soobeen Cho, South Korea
Danilo Siqueira, Brazil
Silvia Cannarozzi, Italy

Mueed Ahmed

– OWH-Sustainability video and intro
– Welcome and results of the Youth Survey; Pamela Durán Díaz
– International Association of World Heritage Professionals; Patricia Alberth
– The role of children and Child Rights for heritage; Elena Sofía Stein and Roman Sidig, UNICEF

Gloria Caballero Collado, Centro Educativo Surval – Principal 
– What is World Heritage to the youth and why should it be protected? Sofía García, Mexico
– Social Networks as an awareness strategy; Makky Montalvo, Mexico
– Keeping our World Heritage alive; Adolfo Boeta, Mexico
– Round table discussion and Q&A;

– Fostering sustainable development in rural Rwanda; Prathiba Devadas, India
– Plant a Seed, building the first Sustainable Living Lab for urban farming; Veronica Becker, Germany
– The role of young Heritage professionals; Soobeen Cho, Korea

– Short Film on Natural Heritage: “Serro – Heritage threatened”; Danilo Siqueira, Brazil
– Short Film on Cultural Heritage: “Puglia e la morte sua”; Silvia Cannarozzi, Italy 
– Q&A from the public
– Closing