11-19 EXPRESS WORKSHOP – Audio and sounds in Heritage – using Radio in the field

Monday, Nov 19, 2021
16:00 – 16:30 UTC


Do you want to contribute with an audio file and be part of a Global Radio Emission but feel like you don’t have the tools for it? In what formats does audio sounds best? How can I make the best use out of the microphone in my cell phone? How can radio and podcast serve the communities and contribute to the dissemination and archival of local knowledge?

On the 19th November, experienced podcast and radio makers Jesper Buursink and Elizabeth Guerrero will guide you in the world of Radio in Heritage. A short and practical workshop where you can learn the basics of Radio and of audio recording, editing that doesn’t require a professional studio, but only your cell phone. Jesper and Eli will also show examples of how to use your new radio skills on the field, by sharing their vast experience doing radio projects with local communities across the world.  

This workshop is part of our Call for Audio – How does your Heritage Sound? Join us!


1. Importance of audio for heritage 

2. How to record with your phone? Basic rules 

3. How to edit your audio? Basic rules 


Jesper Buursink, multi-disciplinary artist and radio- and podcast maker who works in many worlds. Website: https://www.jesperbuursink.nl/ 

Elizabeth Guerrero, a researcher, radio and sound maker, based in Mexico City and Amsterdam. 

Some of their audio projects:
– Podcast Cocina Colaboratorio: https://colaboratorykitchen.com/ 
– MOB – Guerilla Metro Radio: https://open.spotify.com/show/0EwSu2HeqxveZXXX1QuHWH 
– PODCAST. Voices of the North Sea: https://www.embassyofthenorthsea.com/toch-naar-zee-met-de-podcast-voices-of-the-north-sea/