11-24 GLOBAL OCEANS – Mapping Maritime Connections

Wednesday, NOV 24, 2021
11:00 – 14:00 UTC


Ocean spaces and maritime pasts are increasingly relevant as a form of ‘shared heritage’ and are emerging into the mainstream heritage discourse. The development of maritime archaeology, centered around ships and shipwreck sites, has driven both disciplinary research and heritage management decision-making. In recent years, however, this focus has shifted towards a broader perspective on maritime landscapes in which shipwrecks are often perceived as a colonial, dissonant features. Despite this, they remained a dominant element in understanding maritime heritage, maritime connections and the maritime past. This workshop seeks to establish a foundation for developing a web-based mapping platform for understanding and analyzing maritime connections through mapping long duree elements of historical, archaeological and social data associated with wrecks.

Keynote speaker: 

Filipe Castro – “The Nautical ArchaeologyDigital Library (NADL) as anattempt at a cosmopolitanarchaeology”

Panel of Speakers: 

Shahid Vawda – “Re-centering Afro-Asia and the Modern Heritage of Africa”

Caesar Bita – “The evolution ofMaritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage in Kenya”

Rasika Muthucumarana – “Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka”

Felix Hardmood Beck – “Visualizing Data through Interactive Mapping”