07-28 Mapping Unframed Voices on World Heritage Sites

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 11:00-13:00 UTC
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Language: English



The workshop aims to address the role of different civil society agents in decision making processes related to heritage governance in World Heritage Sites. Meanings of civil society have varied enormously across time, place, theoretical perspective, and political persuasion. Hence, the discussion will address questions related to the different forms of civil society and the impact of their public participation, consultation, representation, and accountability.  

Moreover, the workshop will focus on controversies over the appropriate custodians of cultural heritage under international regimes in which states continue to be the dominant agents tasked with responsibilities in the face of increasing demand for greater participation by minorities and indigenous people. 

In order of presentation:

1. Dr Isber Sabrine, NGO Heritage for Peace. Title of presentation: Arab network of Civil Society to safeguard cultural heritage.

2. Dr E. Nurcan Yalman, Lecturer at Nişantaşı University Istanbul, and Sinan Cana, Research assistant at Nişantaşı University Istanbul. Title of their presentation: What is the Local Perception of S.A.P. (Sultanahmet Archeology Park).

3. Matias Lao, representing Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association (MHAA). Title of presentation: Macau world heritage and Macau heritage ambassador training program.

4. Uzman Anver, Attorney at Law and Resident Representative of Galle Fort. Title of presentation: Galle Fort – A Residents’ Perspective.

5. Hafiz Jamú, president of Association Mozambique Island. Title of presentation: Of the Sea and the Land (communication in Portuguese language with live translation). 


Alia Yunis (New York University of Abu Dhabi/ Dhakira – Centre for Heritage Studies).