11-29 THINKING BEYOND THE RESEARCH: What is the role of Academia in the world of heritage and civil society?

Monday, NOV 29, 2021
10:00 – 12:00 UTC


This workshop explores the impact of international legislation and UNESCO guided heritage governance on communities and everyday lives of local people. The workshop will address questions such as: Does civil society benefits from studying heritage? What does it mean to rethink culture in terms of heritage? What happens when not only people’s culture, but also their very lives are made into “heritage” and influenced by both national and transnational regimes? What are the effects of the international heritage system once it is deployed? How is knowledge produced and transferred among local and global connections? What are the frictions, misunderstandings? Is Academia a valid promoter to organize participating-based projects? How is the global heritage language interpreted, translated and articulated within the local cultural logic in order to further the goals of the local agents?

Verónica Mateus Pereira (CIE – Centre for International Heritage Activities; Dhakira Center for Heritage Studies NYUAD) 

Harriet Deacon, Consultant, intangible heritage and intellectual property law. Coventry University. 
What is the role of Academia in the world of heritage and civil society? Experiences from the HIPAMS project

Prof. Rose Boswell, PhD Anthropology, NRF-DSI Research Chair in Ocean Cultures and Heritage, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. 
Changing the World by Changing Academic Heritage. 

Manaal Saadaat & NiccolòAcram Cappelletto, from Dhakira Center for Heritage Studies, New York University of Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). 
Re-Emerging Past(s): Community Stories in the Heritage Industry