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February 25, 2021, 18:00 – 19:00 (UTC) on ZOOM
Language: English

Organised with: the European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage (ESACH) and Europa Nostra.
ESACH is a volunteer-run network of students and young professionals working in or studying cultural heritage. One of our ongoing activities is the ESACH Talks series, a monthly online meeting where students and young professionals get together to share their work and engage in discussion.

The February ESACH event is on the topic of Sustainable Tourism and linked to the OurWorldHeritage Initiative, notably to review and debate on the draft policy recommendations on Tourism for Heritage Conservation. In this event, innovative perspectives on sustainable tourism and its relationship to cultural heritage will be discussed. Topics can include:
•Ways in which tourism can contribute to heritage conservation;
•Tourism as a driver for sustainable heritage-led development;
•Tourism management at cultural heritage sites;
•Tourism as a driver of local economic development;
•Relationship between cultural tourism on local communities;
•Policy recommendations for a future of sustainable tourism;
•Partnerships between the heritage, tourism, and business sectors for the successful implementation of sustainable tourism practices.

ESACH Talks are interactive, fast-paced events that provide a platform for sharing knowledge amongst students and young professionals working within cultural heritage studies. To make things more interesting, each presentation lasts five minutes, the ESACH Talk has a length of 45 minutes and includes presentations by a keynote speaker, ESACH students and young professionals, as well as some time for discussions and comments. Attendance is always open to everyone, not just ESACH Members!
The session will be followed with breakout room discussions! Participation is optional, but it is easy to join – just stay on the Zoom event at the conclusion of the Talks. The discussions will last for up to 30 minutes and will include an opportunity for participants to network and share ideas, experiences, and questions related to the presentations and topic of the month in smaller groups.

Keynote speaker:
Evinc Dogan, “Our World Heritage Tourism team”
Evinc Dogan has a PhD in Management and Development of Cultural Heritage (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy). She has been Assistant Professor at Akdeniz University and part-time lecturer at Bogazici University. She is a member of ESACH, Europeana and Interpret Europe. Her research interests revolve around heritage branding, semiotics, industrial heritage, cultural routes and tourism. LinkedIn

Oriada Dajko, “The Success of Dark Heritage Museums in Tirana”
Oriada Dajko is a young professional in the field of cultural heritage. She has participated in various projects in the field of cultural heritage in her country (Albania) and abroad. Facebook | Linkedin

Valentina Araya, “Industrial Heritage Recovery through Sustainable Tourism: The case of Lusatia in Germany”
Valentina is a sociologist from Chile and Heritage Professional graduated from World Heritage Studies (BTU -Cottbus, Germany). During her studies, she participated in several cultural heritage projects related to the rescue of industrial heritage. Her Master’s thesis focused on the analysis of the touristic offerings and demand in heritage neighborhoods in Germany.
E-mail: viaraya@uc.cl

Héctor Manuel Aliaga de Miguel, “H-2020 IMPACTOUR. Focusing on the interests and needs of sustainable Cultural Tourism destinations”
Based in Madrid since I was a child and always passionate about Architecture and Cultural Heritage, international and multicultural experiences have always made part of my life travelling abroad and living in places such as Cambridge, Paris or São Paulo. Thus, languages, personal knowledge and contacts everywhere end up as essential tools in my daily life for H2020 research projects, PhD activities and International Committees collaborations. E-mail: hmanu.aliaga@gmail.com | H2020 – IMPACTOUR website

Ella Erzsébet Békési, “Heritage and Tourism for Sustainable Solutions: Stakeholder Involvement in Heritage Tourism to Safeguard Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage”
Ella was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. She is an archaeologist and cultural heritage professional. She recently co-founded Heritage Education Network Belize, an organization dedicated to supporting heritage education and the safeguarding of heritage through sustainable development in the cultural, creative and tourism industries. Heritage Education Network Belize | Facebook: @HeritageEducationNetwork | Instagram: @heritagebelize

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