12-09 SESSION 2: Understanding the insights of Civil Society – possible solutions for sustainable heritage futures

Thursday, DEC 9, 2021
12:00 – 14:00 UTC


In December, the “Opening up to Civil Society” team invites participants from the previous themes to reflect on the role of civil society in ensuring the sustainability of heritage for the coming 50 years, based on their draft recommendations and reports. 

How are different types of knowledge and expertise integrated and utilized when heritage policies are created? Who is civil society and how can it be mobilized while ensuring representation, ownership on an international stage? What are the effects of the international heritage system once it is deployed? Is there a need to restructure the global heritage decision-making mechanisms to face today’s challenges? 

OWH Themes: Heritage Places and Memory, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Information and Technology, Beyond the List, New Heritage Approaches, Tourism and its impacts on conservation.