12-23 OUR WORLD HERITAGE PODCAST: Hearing heritage and communities

DATE OF THE LAUNCH: Thursday, December 23, 2021
From 23rd December onwards Our World Heritage Podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms. 


Spotify >>> https://open.spotify.com/show/5xrn5sxErfMf4hxHWLgGvw
Anchor >>> https://anchor.fm/our-world-heritage-radio

The idea of an Our World Heritage Podcast stems from the ambition to portray heritage in the most intangible way: via sounds and words. Directed by podcast and radio makers Jesper Buurskink and Eli Guerrero, we aim to portray heritage sites and stories around the world through audio material that has been collected or presented live at the moment of the transmission. These recordings range from interviews, live discussions, poetry, storytelling, readings, soundscapes, and anything that can invite the listener to feel in another place and connect to a heritage theme, either foreign or close to their personal experience. The OWH Radio will be a place of hospitality that engages with heritage through emotions and the senses. 

Theme 12 “Opening up to Civil Society” members will be hosts and mediators of this content that will be offered in multiple languages to engage with communities’ worldwide, coming with English summaries to be accessible for a wide audience. One of the key questions that guide this project is: If this is your world, how would it sound?  

Both an archive and an experiment, the OWH Podcast will be a repository of personal and collective memories that investigate the nature of heritage in individuals around different sites of the world. This project wants to respond to a need for a platform that is built with communities to collect diverse voices in one place. 

To hear the selected audios from the call HOW DOES HERITAGE SOUND? follow OWH RADIO:

Europa Nostra • Ringing The Bells for Peace & Heritage

Mizuko Ugo • The soundscape of the traditional Japanese skills waza 

Iman Deeper and Claudius Hausl • Project REplay

Patricia Alberth •  The ringing of the bells of WHS Bamberg Cathedral

Architecture Students from German University of Jordan, course Heritage Conservation and Management: Lojaine Alkhatib, Farah Al-Saoudi, Noor Haubsh, Halla Amro, Rama Malaysheh, Hala Aladwan, Saif AlOran, Waleed Rezeq, Sarah Abu-Salma, Lara Saudi, Maram Al Dahawi, Yara Kilani, Jumana Jamal Sari Shair • Tour through Amman, Jordan.