COORDINATOR: Jonathan Sharfman



Rayna Li, NYUAD and Dhakira Center for Heritage Studies, Assembling fragments of a global past: issues and challenges in Jingdezhen’s path to World Heritage status
Judith Inglavaga Pedros, Pauline David, Betül Mahmure Onaran, University of Bologna, The Porticoes of Bologna – Via Zamboni
Martino Catalani, Francesco De Bonis, Emanuele Nervo, University of Bologna, The Porticoes of Bologna – Treno della Barca
Ana Beatriz Pahor Pereira da Costa, USP, Worker’s housing in the early 20th century and the forgotten narratives in connection to conservation and heritage in the city of São Paulo (Brazil)
Bruna Bacetti Sousa, USP, The complex patrimonialization path of Santa Ifigênia District: discussions, tensions and conflicts over the downtown São Paulo urban space
Julia Savaglia Anversa, USP, Gender and heritage: the case of the Solar da Marquesa de Santos
Marina Chagas Brandão, USP, Heritage as part of the development agenda and PAC-CH in São Paulo: strategies and debates in the 2000s



Jonathan Sharfman


Andréia Feitoza de Oliveira, USP, Rio Branco Avenue (Rio de Janeiro): Transformations and permanencies in its urban history (Rio de Janeiro, 1960-1989)
Bianca Tavares Martins, USP, Carioca Street (Rio de Janeiro): urban preservation and social participation (Rio de Janeiro, 1960-1980)
Claudia Muniz, USP, The case of Grota do Bixiga, in São Paulo: intersection between social, cultural and environmental preservation and urban transformation
Mariana Kimie da Silva Nito, USP, The city, the cultural heritage and its surroundings: the role of buffer zones in urban policies 
Daiane Romio Duarte, UFSC, Seeking the sacred in natural landscape
Flora Oliveira, USP, Gender and heritage: the case of the Solar da Marquesa de Santos