This project under development aims to identify everyday heritage through the analysis of drawings about the journey between home and school produced by students from public schools in Rio de Janeiro state cities. The previous project ‘Mapeamento Afetivo’ (Affective Mapping), coordinated by Giselle Azevedo and Vera Tangari and produced by GAE and SEL/RJ groups from PROARQ FAU/UFRJ in partnership with EPL and SME/Rio de Janeiro, analyzed students’ drawings and texts reporting perceptions and desires about their home/school journeys. In this affective – and distressing – mapping of daily life, affection, conflicts and vulnerabilities are mixed in the continued experience in territories where the preferred paths are sometimes the only possible paths.

The drawings present potentials for the discovery of ‘new’ heritage, both tangible and intangible, from the perception of children throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro, going beyond traditional landmarks in the landscape, such as Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar and Baía de Guanabara, postcards of the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’. Other heritage sites can be identified as: new panoramic views, historic buildings forgotten, significant public spaces, water bodies, a simple tree or another element apparently isolated, but with strong local identity value. It is also expected that affective heritage can be revealed by the children’s perception.

The project seeks to contribute to inclusive heritage education strategies based on the diffusion and recognition of everyday heritage that, as well as children’s perception, have been disregarded in the current valuation criteria and in discussions about the character of cities.

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Alex Assunção Lamounier: Adjunct Professor of the School of Architecture and Urbanism (EAU/UFF); Postdoctoral researcher PNPD CAPES on the Graduate Program in Architecture (PROARQ/FAU/UFRJ); Doctor in Architecture and Urbanism (UFF); Master in Geography, Environment and Development (UEL); Architect and Urbanist (UEL).

Flora Oliveira de Souza Cardoso: Master in Urban Development (UFPE); Specialized in Preservation and Management of Cultural Heritage (FIOCRUZ); Architect and Urbanist (UFF).

Brendo Tavares dos Santos: Architecture and Urbanism EAU/UFF undergraduate student; Building Technician (SENAI/DR/RJ).

Isabella Maria Bulus Maiolino: Architecture and Urbanism EAU/UFF undergraduate student.

In collaboration with:

Vera Regina Tângari: Associate Professor of the School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU/UFRJ) and of the Graduate Program in Architecture (PROARQ/FAU/UFRJ); Vice-Coordinator of the Master Program in Heritage and Design; Doctor in Architecture and Urbanism (USP); Master in Urban Planning (University of Michigan); Architect and Urbanist (IMB).