CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – Photographers, Artists, Heritage Professional and Activists

We are inviting creative people who have passion for heritage, art and environment to help us in campaigning for the protection of what local communities identify as heritage including the recognised world heritage sies. Help us raise awareness amongst the public on safeguarding heritage during conflict across the globe.


In the framework of the “OurWorldHeritage” initiative, our approach covers one of the 12 themes of the initiative: “Heritage in Conflict” that will run during October 2021.
We are pleased to invite all photographers, artists, heritage professionals and activists around the world to submit artwork and/or short videos to share views on dealing with heritage during armed conflict and engaging civil society through artwork- especially in relation to World Heritage Sites under threat because of armed conflict.

Associated Theme

Cultural and Natural Heritage is an essential part of our identity. As such, its role becomes particularly relevant during armed conflicts and recovery processes.

Our cultural and natural heritage is often indirectly involved in armed conflicts, or sometimes even deliberately targeted for various political and cultural reasons. During this unstable time that is associated with the lack of safety and protection, humanitarian aids and heritage protection have proved to be complementary and most effective if undertaken together. However, in recent conflicts, international conventions provided very limited heritage protection. Therefore, preventive measures, risk preparedness and awareness raising, as well as share of good practices for people-centred response, recovery and reconstruction are particularly relevant in this juncture. In fact, number of initiatives for cultural and natural heritage protection and raising awareness in extreme situations, including conflicts and terrorist attacks, undertaken not only by national and international organizations but also by local communities or individuals has increased using new technologies and social media. Considering that, our intuitive is trying to explore:

  • What are the ways we can approach heritage during armed conflict?
  • What is the role of the local and international community towards endangered heritage?
  • What can heritage conservation activists, artists and social media do to promote heritage protection and peace building?

Our initiative seeks to engage civil society and other community voices into promoting the shared responsibility for protecting our heritage. This ensures the inclusion of a multiplicity of perspectives in caring and protecting heritage and the broad engagement in the peacebuilding process.

Aim of the Artwork

  • Promote the protection of the endangered cultural and natural heritage of your region as part of peacebuilding and reconstruction in a way that reflects the diversity of the society.
  • Explore the way to use art and social media to initiate effective participation and dialogue from civil society during and post conflict.
  • Explore the impact of conflict on changing the meanings of heritage.
  • Engage local community and civil society in sharing responsibility in heritage protection and conservation, including internally displaced people (IDP), refugees, youth, marginalized groups…. etc.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS on preparing the Artwork to be submitted

  • Printed artwork (photograph, collage, painting, etc.), to be submitted as pdf files or photographs (jpeg).
  • Videos and short clips 1-2 minutes long, including landscape, narration, background…. etc.
  • Title of the work and a brief introduction about the heritage site, location, timeframe, the impact of the conflict, key events that had inspired the artwork…. (around 200 words). *We encourage you to write the title and introduction of your artwork in your mother tongue. But please add also the English translation.
  • If you interview people, please ensure that you obtain the interviewee’s consent for the interview. If selected, we will take it for granted that the interviewees have given their consent to the projection of the interview at the exhibition venue (see the following paragraph) as well as to its upload on ‘OurWorldHeritage’ web site.
  • Guidelines: Orientation of the camera is landscape (horizontal) NOT portrait(length), proper lighting (no backlighting) and please avoid background noise/wind/music and make sure the voices sound clear.


  • Please, be sure to write your name, country you are based in, your e-mail address/ Facebook/Instagram account, the relevant message you are trying to convey about heritage during conflict in max. 500 words, and send your artwork via email to ourcommonheritage.venice[at mark]
  • If selected, the artwork should be posted through your Facebook/Instagram account adding to it our URL, underlining that is has been selected by this call for participation, as part of the OurWorldHeritage initiative.
  • Tag @ourworldheritage_kr_50
  • Use the following hashtags: #OurCommonHeritage #endangeredHeritage

“Our Common Heritage” video exhibition

We are collaborating with the organizers of the ‘TOGETHER’ Exhibition that will take place at the Olivetti Showroom in Venice (Italy) as part of the Venice Biennale 2021: How will we live together?

Selected artwork will be presented as part of this exhibition under the theme Together – Our Common Heritage. All selected artworks will be included in a video that will be projected in the Olivetti Showroom (October 1st – November 11th, 2021).

Moreover, selected artwork will be also released on the website of ‘OurWorldHeritage’ Initiative.


Artworks and related description should be submitted via email to ourcommonheritage.venice[at mark] before September 25th, 2021 23:59 UTC

Download the Call for Participation here.