Throughout the year 2021, a series of 12 monthly Thematic Discussions have been organised in the form of open, online meetings, webinars, and workshops to address the critical issues of World Heritage conservation and management. As 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 World Heritage Convention, each of the public discussions aimed to build a constructive debate to renew and reinforce heritage protection for the next 50 years.

We present to you the full list of events organised and the first outcomes. Events marked in bold are recorded. Please stay tuned for more findings and reach out to us, we want to hear your opinion!

001 GLOBINAR 2.0 | Transformational Impacts of Information Technology
002 WEBINAR | Moving Forward: Innovative Tools & Untold Stories in OurWorldHeritage
003 GLOBINAR | Transformational Impacts of Information Technology

004 Tourism & World Heritage Sites: Better Synergies: Part I
005 Heritage Tourism And Locality In India: Part I: Hampi
006 Tourism & World Heritage Sites: Better Synergies: Part III
007 Heritage Tourism And Locality In India: Part II: Nizamuddin
008 Cooperation For Heritage Tourism Of The Mediterraneans: Addressing Capacity-Building Needs
009 World Heritage & Grand Sites In France: Focus On Governance
010 Planning For Heritage Tourism Infrastructure: World Heritage Sites In Uzbekistan
011 Tourism & World Heritage Sites: Better Synergies: Part III
012 Heritage Tourism And Locality In India: Part III: Kochi
013 Cultural Heritage Tourism Routes along Yunnan Borders / 云南边境文化遗产旅游线路
014 Tourism And Heritage Dissonances: Narratives, Interpretation & Management
015 Cooperation Between Conservation And Consumption: Inclusion Of The Tourism Industry In Heritage Conservation
016 World Heritage Natural And Cultural Sites Of Quebec, Canada: Enhancing Attractively For Conservation And Development
017 Response To Crises In Natural And Mixed World Heritage Sites: How Can Tourism Contribute?
018 Tourism Strategies For Wold Heritage Sites In India: Tangible: Intangible Heritage & Creativity
019 Contribution Of Living Heritage Tourism To The SDG’s: Part I: Case Of New Gourna, Luxor (Egypt)
020 Tourism Observation: How Big Data Can Help To Best Monitoring Tourism On World Heritage Sites
021 Contribution Of Heritage Tourism To The SDG’s: Part II: Heritage Art Of Egypt
022 Tourism, Heritage & Local Development In West Africa
023 Turismo Y Patrimonio Mundial En América Latina: ¿Beneficio Para Las Comunidades Locales?
024 Integrated Urban And Territorial Planning For Heritage, Tourism And Local Development: Cooperation Between China And France
025 Historic Areas Of Istanbul (Turkey): Conservation And Tourism Under COVID-19
026 ESACH Talks On Sustainable Tourism
027 Tourism And Heritage For Sustainability

028 Marginalisation And Minoritisation: Domination, Discrimination, Exclusion And Erasure
029 Colonial Legacies Of Gender And Sexuality
030 Local Learning: Everyday Activism, Everyday Resistances: What Can I Do?
031 Institutional Inequalities: Unequal Power Relations
032 Monuments Of Oppression
033 Oppression From Monuments
034 Acknowledging Intangible Heritage As Part Of Future Heritage Past
035 Caring For Future Worlds? SDG’s Within Spaces And Places Of Heritage

036 Indigenous Peoples; Human Rights And The Evolution Of Business Standards: Perspectives For The Future Of Heritage Preservation
037 Eviction And Resettlement Issues In World Heritage Sites: Perspectives From Hampi And Petra
038 The Protection Of Heritage In Situations Of Protracted Conflict: Perspectives From Mardin & Diyarbakir
039 The Protection Of Heritage In Situations Of Protracted Conflict: Perspectives From Hebron, Battir, Palmyra And Homs
040 World Heritage, Human Rights And Accountability
041 World Heritage, Human Rights And Participation
042 Addressing Human Rights Concerns In World Heritage Sites
043 The Human Rights To A Healthy Environment: Available Online

044 Natural And Social Disasters In World Heritage Sites
045 Local And International Communities In World Heritage Sites
046 Tourism And Pandemics In World Heritage Sites
047 Pandemics And Historic Centers
048 Nature-Culture Approaches To Disasters Prevention And Recovery
049 Preparing For Emergency To Ensure Resilience Of Cultural And Natural Heritage Systems Under Threat: A Matter Of Good Territorial Governance!
050 Preventing Earthquake Destruction In World Heritage Sites: Learning From Empiricism To Regulations
051 Prevention And Conservation In World Heritage Sites
052 Culture, Heritage And Resilience: Local Creative Responses To Natural Disasters And Climate Change
053 Informal Knowledge, Participation And Heritage During Pandemics
054 Identity And Resilience In World Heritage Sites
055 The Value Of Culture During Pandemics
056 Interdisciplinary Research In Disaster Risk Reduction: An Uncomfortable Understanding
057 Intangible Heritage And Disasters
058 Sustainability And Future After Disasters And Pandemics
059 Information Technologies For Preparedness And Mitigation: Prior Or After Disasters And Pandemics
060 Heritage And Social Reconstruction
061 Conservation Emergency!
062 Physical Reconstruction In World Heritage Sites
063 Disasters And Pandemics Closing Session

064 New Heritage Approaches: Opening
065 Reinterpreting Ouv: The Balance Between Local & Universal Values
066 Heritage Categories And A Crosscutting Approach Among Conventions
067 Institutional And Organizational Processes And Methodologies
068 Landscape, Territory, Urban Fabric: Challenges, Trends And The WH Convention
069 Managing Landscape Change: Natural, Cultural And Intangible Dimensions
070 Living Heritage: Linking Tangible And Intangible Heritage
071 Participatory Processes & New Narratives In Heritage: The Role Of Civil Society
072 New Approaches In Heritage Economics
073 Organizing Heritage Entities For Sustainable Development
074 Heritage Protection And Revitalization In Urban Planning Systems
075 Integrity And Authenticity
076 Modern, Contemporary, And Future Heritage
077 Cultural Landscape And The World Heritage List: A Critical Reflection
078 Heritage Sustainability, Resilience, And The 2030 Agenda
079 Nature And The New Frontiers: Building Resilience
080 Decolonizing Heritage
081 Heritage Of The Marginalized
082 Heritage In Large Metropolises: Emergent Approaches
083 Heritage Economics: Evidence Based Innovative Practices
084 New Heritage Approaches: Outcomes And Highlights
085 Student And Youth Globinar
086 Roundtable Part I: New Narratives And Interpretations
087 Roundtable Part II: Latin American Dialogues

088 Inaugural Session: Our World Heritage And Sustainability
089 Heritage As A Development Strategy
090 Heritage And Climate Change
091 Partnering Through Culture, Heritage And Art For Resilient & Inclusive Recovery (Un High-Level Political Forum Side Event)
092 Indigenous Forum 1
093 From Singular Heritage To Integral Categories: From Heritage To Heritage Landscape
094 Indigenous Forum 2
095 From The Regional To The Global Approach: Case Studies 1
096 From The Regional To The Global Approach: Case Studies 2
097 Heritage As A Language Of Inclusion
098 Alternative Social And Governance Models For WH
099 Tourism And The Creative Economy For Sustainable Heritage
100 From The Regional To The Global Approach: Case Studies –  Plenary Discussion
101 Recommendation For Heritage Sites Listing Process: The Role Of Civil Society
102 Integration Of The Regional Recommendations For The 50Th Anniversary Of The WH Convention
103 Youth Forum

104 Climate Change & Biodiversity Opening Day
105 World Heritage And Industrial Development
106 World Heritage And Climate Change

107 Heritage Places And Memory: Different Voices And Diverse Ideas
Voices Of The Youth: Transmission Of Heritage Memory
Sites Du Patrimoine, Valeurs Immatérielles
Changing Meanings Of Heritage Places
Innovative Models For Inclusive Interpretation Of Cultural Heritage Sites
Heritage Sites: Diverse, Plural Or Dissonant Memories
Indigenous Knowledge Practices As Living Heritage For Sustainability
Memory For The Future

115 Communities Vs Experts: Towards A Dialogue
Heritage In The Forgotten Conflicts: Stories Of Protection And Stories Of Neglect!
Art, Conflict And Civil Society
Conflict, Politics And The Destruction Of Cultural Heritage In The World Today

119 A Balanced And Defensible World Heritage List?
The People’S List & Beyond
Un-Silencing The Past: Documentation And Pedagogy Beyond The List
122 Education and new governance of heritage: Sustainable development of communities and territories

123 Mapping Unframed Voices On World Heritage Sites
124 Lest We Forget
125 Pride & Future: Cultural Heritage In Afghanistan
126 Workshop Academia In Heritage And Civil Society
127 Heritage Futures: Oceans Of Connectivity
128 Express Workshop: Audio And Sounds In Heritage: Using Radio In The Field
129 Global Oceans: Mapping Maritime Connections
130 Thinking Beyond The Research: What Is The Role Of Academia In The World Of Heritage And Civil Society?
131 Understanding The Insights Of Civil Society: Possible Solutions For Sustainable Heritage Futures
132 Between Politics; Management And Communities: Experiences From The Field
133 Understanding The Insights Of Civil Society: Possible Solutions For Sustainable Heritage Futures
134 Other Stories, Over Histories Of The Sultanahmet Archaeological Park: An Alternative Perception Of A Unesco WHS
135 Our World Heritage Podcast: Hearing Heritage And Communities

Please note that OWH provides an open dialogue platform, based entirely on voluntary work of session organizers and speakers. Some of the content of the presenters and discussions may be offensive to some viewers. OWH welcomes diverse viewpoints in the spirit of collegial debate where mutual respect is afforded to all.

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